Yet another simple Buffer overflow


So for some PWK (OSCP) students, the Buffer Overflow can be the bit of the course that causes no end of confusion and problems. I must admit when I first started I was in the same place. Little knowledge of C, let alone assembler along with trying to use Immunity for the first few times caused no end of frustration. For this blog I have two machines on a local subnet – the first being a...

PWK 2020, a path to OSCP


I started my journey of studying towards OSCP in 2015, after an initial 90 days of lab time my day job along with a new baby made me place it firmly on the back burner! The initial 90 days were frustrating and although I was making progress I found it difficult to find any flow or natural flair for the techniques. Yes, I understood the technical side, but the execution was very different. Fast...